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[04/04/2021] - NFI Sky Girls defeat Kumba Lakers by 7-0 in opening game of the SW Regional Women Football league

NFI Sky Girls - Kumba Lakers (7 - 0).

In a match in which the NFI had more than 85 - 15 ball possession, the female team of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative, the NFI Sky Girls defeated Kumba Lakers by 7 to 0. This was the opening game of the South West Regional Football League (Division 2) of Cameroon. The league is organized such that the champions of each province can then play in a separate competition (Interpools) to get the teams that qualify into the national Division 2 League.

The NFI Sky Girls who had been in camp since Thursday April 1 and having tough preparatory training games even against the NFI Sky Boys did not waste time to take control of the game. The team had to wait until after 15 minutes of play before scoring the first goal. After the first goal, the goal festival started, ending with a 7-0 score. No serious danger was felt at the NFI pole as the team was very compact and well-coordinated, not offering the opponent any chance to develop play.

"This was quite a good start and it sends a signal to any of our opponents to understand that they need to be very prepared if they should meet this wonderful squad." trainer Ndoke Joseph is quoted as saying.
We are now looking forward to the schedule of the next day of play against Njo-Wasse Sports from Fako division.

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[02/04/2021] - The NFI Sky Girls are ready for SW Regional Division 2 League start

NFI Sky Girls are Ready.

After two days of intense preparations, the Nkamanyi Football Initiative’s main female team, the NFI Sky Girls are now ready to take on Kumba Lakers Women at the opening game of the 2020/2021 South West Female Football League. This follows the fixtures posted by the national Secretary General of the Cameroon Female Football League (LFFC). The match shall start at 15:30 at the Kumba Municipal Stadium on Sunday, April 3.

The sky Girls were called to camp on Thursday by the management. All expected players, including displaced and those living out of town answered present to the invitation. In a tight program, out-of-station players were all picked up on Thursday, April 1 by 12 noon. Read more

[21/03/2021] - NFI Sky Boys defeats Bau Manibok FC in day 2 of regional league

The NFI Sky Boys today March 21, 2021 came from a 0-1 first half to defeat Bau Manibok FC by 2-1 in the ongoing South West regional league (Division 2).

Both goals were scored by Dagah

The victory puts the NFI again on track after the boys suffered a 0-1 defeat to Kumba Lakers FC in day 2 of the competition. With 6 points in its account, the NFI is forging ahead with its quest of the title.

[02/03/2021] - Tetuh Larris is back

He was shot during the Kumba Massacre. He is back on the pitch. He wants to continue to do what he likes – play football.

Tetuh Larris is an IDP from Small Ekombe. In the heat of the ongoing crisis in 2017, he ran away with his family and settled in Kumba. The family found a home in Fiango Kumba. He was enrolled into the Mother Francisca Bilingual Secondary school at Bamilike Street. With his passion for football, his mother enrolled him into the U12 team of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative (NFI) in 2018.

He was enjoying the sports at the NFI and attending school until the 24th of October 2020 when unidentified gunmen stormed their school and massacred children.As he (Larris) struggled to escape, he was shot on the buttocks. Crying for help in the pool of his own blood, he was rushed to the Presbyterian General Hospital Manyemen Annex in Buea road for immediate treatment where Doctors Without Borders took very good care of him. Read more ..

[28/02/2021] - NFI eliminates Legend FC by 2-0 in Round 1 of Cameroon Cup.

The 2 goals were scored in the first half by new recruit Nkah Bertrand who moved to the NFI from Best Star Football Academy Limbe. Updates loading...

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