Youth department of the NFI Academy has started its activities.

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative would like to inform the general public that activities for the 2020/2021 season in its youth academy has started in the city of Kumba. Registration is ongoing for all youths in and around the beautiful city of Kumba. First training sessions were held yesterday, October 31st.

With our state of the art new office located opposite St. Francis College Fiango Kumba, licensed coaches, great football pitches provided by the Fiango Diocese, computer labs and competent and dedicated staff, we are ready to continue in our journey of Empowering Kids Through Football and moulding them into good future leaders.

Empowerment through computer and vocational training stand at the forefront of our activities this year.

The Youth department comprises the following categories

  • - U17 (Trained by Ashu Tong and Morimi Michael)
  • - U15 (Trained by Joseph Ndoke)
  • - U12 (Trained by Ebika Henry and Nkengafac David Fonkeng)
  • - Female (Trained by Joseph Ndoke)

The Youth department is under the leadership of Joseph Ndoke. It should be noted that Joseph Ndoke moulded the Sky Boys from the youth department through Division 3 to the regional Division 2.

We would like to thank our NFI partners ( African Impulse e.V. and Msv-Duisburg) for making it easier for us.

Some pictures of the start on Saturday October 31

The coaches also received new training shoes donated by our partner (MSV Duisburg)