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Join us make it easier for the youths of Kumba to play football

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The difficult security situation in town makes it extremely tough for the families of the kids to finance the activity attendance of the kids in the initiative. Most families cannot even find the means to sustain themselves. We continue to keep our operations ongoing in order to continue offering hope to those who can play. Especially with the addition of the amputee team to our portfolio, we would like to be able to safely transport these young people to and from games and lessons. We want to keep these kids out of trouble and give them a chance to think positively about their future.
You can make this possible!!!

Engrave your name on the bus and the hearts of these young people

We have set up a Paypal pool page for this action. Support Image Paypal

The former linkwas closed on the 29th. of September, so we had to add the extended 1 day link above.

We want to thank you all for making this possible

NameAmount (Local / €)
Stephen Fonje (Germany)€100 (€100)
Leslie Mbah (USA)$120 (€100)
Yolanda Ntam (Belgium) €32 (€32)
Divine Awah (USA)$100 (€84)
Atem Colins (Germany)€150 (€150)
Menzo alias Bana Ba Sawa (Germany)€150 (€150)
Andreas Rohr (Germany)€50 (€50)
Voltar Software (Switzerland)€100 (€100)
Alexander Galman (Switzerland)€200 (€200)
Florence Tima (USA)$50 (€42)
Dr. Ata Atogho (USA)$100 (€84)
Asongfack Kamanyi (Finland)€75 (€75)
Yannick El Dero (France)€50 (€50)
Jόrgen Kemp (Germany)€100 (€100)
Rose Ilunga (Germany)€30 (€30)
Shanning Dogbima (France)€100 (€100)
Enow Ebot alias Eyango (Denmark)€100 (€100)
Brenda Dogbima (France)€100 (€100)
Rigobert Tsagna (Germany)€100 (€100)

We have raised €1747 so far. We are now short of €1753.

This process has been extended to run until September 30 2020, after which we shall try to complete the rest by ourselves. We extend our gratitude to all for your support.

Do you prefer to make offer support by Bank transfer? Use the following information below to make direct bank transfers:

Account Holder: Nkamanyi Football Initiative
IBAN: CM21 10005 00035 05418061001-78
BANK: Afriland First Bank
Purpose: First name Last Name - NFI Youth Bus Project

Would you like to be an NFI ambassador and help change the world? Just send a mail to info(at)