(Day 2) report - NFI Sky Boys - Future Dream FC

Status : Ended | Result : 0 - 0

imageThe NFI Sky Boys play at home against Future Dream FC. Home here would be the GPS Field (KAC) in Kumba town. Future Dream FC has been a tough opponent in previous seasons but never poised any serious upsets to the team. We understand the team has undergone much reinforcement and so take the game extremely seriously.

Our goal is to get the 3 points.

Match statistics

  • 17:25 :   End of Game. (0 - 0)
  • 17:15 :   NFI goalkeeper is injured. Taken to the hospital. But he is stable
  • 16:35 :   Second half started
  • 16:20 :   Half time. No score change
  • 15:40 :   The game has started
  • 15:00 :   Players are already on the pitch. Warming up
  • 12:00 :   Technical meeting is over and players are relaxing
  • 10:00 :   Players and coaches have just assembled at the Camping ground in Fiango

To qualify for the mini interpools and eventually the national interpools, the NFI Sky Boys would have to occupy at least the second position in a league which pits them against the following competitors - Kumba City FC, Kumba Lakers FC, Furture Dream FC, NEMFA Nguti, Legend FC and Bright Star FC.

The line up for the game

Starting 11


Wako Desmond (16)


Samuel Bikoe (21)

Justine Ndip (15)

Joseph Enow (4)

Joseph Ayuk (3)


Theodore Seidou (14)

Bame Nji (5)

Michael Wirikon (10)


Siphone Tita (11)

Clovis Okia (9)

Killian Ndip (17)


  • Ulrich Mbah (1)
  • Hilton Rones (19)
  • Vandolin Wafo (12)
  • Asang Collins (6)
  • Ashu Anya (25)


  • Joseph Ndoke
  • Ashu Tong

Medical Team

  • Dr. Ikoe Lord Itoe

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Some pictures of the game

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